Delivery Information

Through our trusted delivery partners DHL, it is now possible to have restaurant-quality products delivered to your door.

Our boxes are thermal packed to ensure a good temperature is retained throughout the delivery.

However, we cannot guarantee that items are completely frozen upon delivery. Please also note that It may take more than 24 hours for the addresses outside of Zone A & B.

Orders received after midnight on Wednesday (frozen orders after midnight on Tuesday) will be delivered on the following Tuesday. If Monday is a bank holiday, then Wednesday.

If the delivery address is outside of the London area, we may choose to dispatch your order on the following Monday if your order includes frozen items even if your order is placed before midnight Tuesday.

In such a case, we will contact you.

For orders up to 25kg ZONE A ZONE B ZONE C ZONE D ZONE E
Standard 2-3 day Dispatch
Dry Items Only          
Order value below £75 £10.00 £10.00 £18.00 £24.00 £24.00
Order value over £75 Free Free £18.00 £24.00 £24.00
Orders including Frozen items
Order value below £100 £22.00 £22.00 £28.00 £32.00 £32.00
Order value £100 – £200 £12.00 £12.00 £28.00 £32.00 £32.00
Order value over £200 Free Free £28.00 £32.00 £32.00
A map showing different delivery zones of the UK

Collection Information

The location where collection is possible is: T&S Enterprises, 458 Heather Park Dr, Wembley, London, HA0 1SS, United Kingdom

Collections are only available on Thursdays, Fridays from 9:00 – 15:00, and Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 12:00. Please let us know what time suits you in the order notes at the bottom of the checkout form and we will contact you with confirmation via email.

Conditions of Carriage – March 2020

  • Thank you for placing your order with By purchasing your order, you are agreeing to enter into a Contract with DHL, where We will collect or deliver (or both) a parcel (or a collection of parcels) on your behalf. This means you will have responsibilities to Us and We will have responsibilities to you.
  • The Contract consists of your order, Our Conditions of Carriage, and any documents which Our Conditions of Carriage or Our confirmation of your order might reference. These documents may be found at Our website
  • It is important that before you commit to purchasing your Order, you fully understand your responsibilities to Us and Our responsibilities to you under the Contract because by purchasing your order, you are confirming to Us that you understand the Contract, and fully accept it.
  • The Website is hosted by a third party, Limited.


General rules


2.8 As this is a fully automated system, You must ensure You read and fully understand what you can and cannot send through Our network because once a Shipment has been collected, You cannot rely on the fact that the Shipment was collected as a defence if such Shipment is lost, damaged or delayed because due to the nature of the Services, the drivers and Us do not know the contents of the Shipments and if such contents are not allowed to be within Our network. This responsibility is placed fully with You.




2.16 The Charges applicable to your Order are calculated taking into account:


2.16.1 the Service Option, Liability Options and Extras you have selected;

2.16.2 that the Charges are inclusive of VAT (unless otherwise stated), which if chargeable, will be payable by you;

2.16.3 that the Charges will be based on the greater of a) the declared weight, b) actual weight, or c) volumetric weight of your Shipment;

2.16.4 any surcharges which may be applicable (for example, if the Shipment is actually heavier and or larger than the Service Option you have chosen allows, and it is necessary to levy a surcharge equivalent to the difference between the Service Option that the Shipment ought to be used and the Service Option actually chosen by you.);

2.16.5 any additional Charges that may be applicable because your Shipment actually does not fit into any of the Service Option or because there are additional charges applicable due to the Service Option selected by You. For example, if your Shipment is heaver and/or larger than Our largest Service Option, We may charge additional amounts which reflect the extent to which your Shipment exceeds Our largest Service Option.

2.16.6 Any reasonable additional charge to cover Our administrative costs in having to calculate surcharges due to the incorrect Service Option being chosen by you.


2.17 RETURN OF THE SHIPMENT (IN CASE OF NON-DELIVERY) IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE CHARGES. You are paying for one-way passage for the Shipment and one free re-delivery attempt if the initial attempt to deliver fails. You agree that you will be responsible for the cost a) subsequent re-delivery attempts that you ask Us to make, or b) for the Shipment to be returned to you if it has not been delivered. We will notify you (where this is reasonably possible) of the cost in advance of returning the Shipment to allow you the opportunity to decide whether you want to pay the cost, or collect the Shipment yourself.



3.1 Set out below are your responsibilities to Us under the Contract. It is very important that you take your responsibilities seriously and comply with them. If you fail to comply with your responsibilities, there will be consequences as set out at clause 3.5.


Your details


3.2 You are confirming by entering into the Contract that:


3.2.1 all of the details on your Account Signup Form are completely true and accurate;

3.2.2 you are at least 17 years old and if you are accessing Our Service Options through ATARIYA.CO.UK, that you are the person named in the Account CREATED;



4.13 You agree that it is up to Us to decide the route through which your Shipment will be delivered.

4.14 For the purposes of this Contract, transit will begin when We collect your Shipment and will end in one of the following ways:

4.14.1 We have delivered the Shipment to the Delivery Address;

4.14.2 We have, in accordance with your instructions, left the Shipment at the Delivery Address because no-one was present to take delivery;

4.14.3 Provided we have the contact details to do so, 5 days after the date We have told you of the non-delivery of your Shipment and asking for your further instructions, at which point, the Shipment and what happens to it afterwards will not be Our responsibility.




4.15 We will deliver your Shipment to the Delivery Address subject to the following:

4.15.1 where the Delivery Address has a central delivery area for post and parcels (such as, for example, a block of apartments/flats, or a workplace), We will deliver to that central area;

4.15.2 We will (if We feel it is reasonable to do so) leave your Shipment at the Delivery Address; alternatively, We may deliver your Shipment to a nearby address (i.e. a neighbouring address or ServicePoint)Please note, if you have purchased through our Authorised Agent or have chosen a signature mandatory service, a signature will be obtained and this clause will not apply unless it is not possible to obtain a signature (e.g. because no-one was present to receive the Shipment), in which case We may deliver the Shipment to a nearby ServicePoint or otherwise hold the Shipment pending instruction from you or the recipient.

4.15.3 We are not obliged to deliver to the person named as the recipient in the contract. Delivery is completed when We arrive at the Delivery Address or a nearby address (if this applies).

4.15.4 We are not responsible where a person at the Delivery Address represents to Us that they are authorised to accept delivery of your Shipment, or where there is no reasonable ground to suspect that that person has no authorisation to accept delivery. This is because We cannot be expected to know whether a person has authority or not.

4.16 You agree that Our records will be definitive evidence of delivery of your Shipment. Where you have chosen a signature mandatory service, We will use Our reasonable efforts to provide you with a copy of the signature of the person who took delivery of your Shipment which will be treated as supplementary evidence to Our records.