S&B Golden Curry (Hot) 220g


S&B’s Golden Curry is renowned for its bold spice-forward approach, delivering a satisfyingly deep and complex spiciness. Masterfully blending 35 spices and herbs, it embodies the signature “Golden Aroma” – a harmonious, full-bodied aroma and exquisite taste.


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S&B’s unique blend of 35 spices and herbs creates a beautifully balanced, aromatic, and authentic Japanese-style curry experience. This “Golden” curry mix, meticulously prepared using the Mirpoix technique, captures the natural essence of vegetables. A beloved classic in Japan for over four decades, it stands as a testament to its timeless appeal.
This curry mix has been thoughtfully spiced, allowing you to savour its depth of flavour, whether served immediately or after resting overnight. Embrace a bold, spice-forward approach where the spiciness is harmoniously balanced, delivering delightful complexity beyond the surface heat of chilli. It’s the perfect choice for those in pursuit of a curry with a refined spice profile that’s just right.

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Weight 220 g

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